Network Camera

An Internet protocol camera, or IP camera, is a type of digital video camera commonly employed for surveillance, and which, unlike analog closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras, can send and receive data via a computer network and the Internet.

Analog Camera

An analog surveillance camera begins with a CCD sensor and then digitizes the image for processing. But before it can transmit the video, it needs to convert it back to analog so it can be received by an analog device, such as a video monitor or recorder

APC Solutions

UPS Management

Software, network management cards, and peripherals for UPS management and safe system shutdown

Rack Components

Rack system components that can be added to existing racks if requirements change . Rack system components include doors, roofs, side panels, baying kits, and casters

RITTAL Solutions


The platform meets all expectations of a modern network or server rack. Tool-free interior installation, maximum load capacity and structured cable management for universal use as a corridor distributor or in the data centre. The perfect equipment to suit any climate control concept: Solid glazed door for high-performance server applications with refrigerant- or water-based LCP cooling or vented doors for room air-conditioning

UPS System

The 3-phase UPS systems offer rack-mounting modularity together with a compact design and an operating ratio of up to 96% in double conversino mode. Output categories from 10 kW to 200 kW per rack are available. Higher outputs available on request.

Distributor Racks

Data Rack for optimum accessibility from all sides during assembly and installation as well as extensive mobility when using twin castors.

PANDUIT Solutions

Cooper Cabling System

Panduit offers a full line of innovative copper products that support all of today's most common IP applications including PoE and Wireless technologies. Get the greatest value on the market, guarantee future reliability, and provide the foundation for your network's growth by choosing from our copper jack modules, patch cords, patch panels, punchdown systems, cable, and pre-terminated solutions.

Fiber Optic System

Ensure that you're up to speed with today's high–data rate fiber-channel and Ethernet applications. Panduit provides advanced bandwidth and mission-critical physical infrastructures with comprehensive fiber optic systems that deliver high performance, reliability, and scalability. Take advantage of our fiber optic cable, connectors, adapter modules, adapter panels, cassettes, enclosures, patch cords, cable assemblies, cable distribution products, and accessories.


Cable in Conduit

Rack system components that can be added to existing racks if requirements change . Rack system components include doors, roofs, side panels, baying kits, and casters

CORNING Solutions

Cooper FO

Corning Advanced Optics serves a variety of commercial markets with cutting-edge, advanced optical solutions. Our unmatched expertise in specialty glass and optical physics results in a diverse set of products from materials to full systems, leveraging a wide capability set to serve diverse markets including Aerospace and Defense, Astronomy, Industrial, Medical, Ophthalmic, Semiconductor, Telecommunications and more